Lofoten - Senja - Rago

03. - 25. August

For our new project we’ll head to Norway.

Our plan is…

to explore the Lofoten islands as well as the island of Senja and the Rago Nationalpark.

Therefore, we are looking for exceptional partners, products, special travel opportunities and accommodations who could imagine their product being part of this trip.

In return we’ll deliver authentic lifestyle content for promotion.

The Team

Florian Wenzel

Florian is a passionate landscape photographer from Southern Germany. His desire for photography has taken him to many places around the world.

He has been working with global brands and tourist agencies and is always keen to explore remote places.

florian-wenzel.com (50-80 visitors weekly)

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Cooperations / Clients:

  • Mercedes Benz

  • New Zealand Tourism

  • Peru Tourism

  • Adobe

  • Canon

  • Honor

  • Deutsche Bahn

  • Gregory

  • Mapify Ambassador program


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  • Practical Photography Magazine

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  • Worbz

  • Fubiz

Marina Weishaupt

Marina is a self-taught photographer based in Ulm / southern Germany who is passionate about nature, animals and the environment.

Her love for nature and landscapes has helped her to develop a unique photography style. She is always looking for special places off the beaten path.

marinaweishaupt.com (40-80 visitors weekly)

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  • Mapify Ambassador program

  • 500px Ambassador program

  • Adobe

  • Alpin School Innsbruck

  • Kúkú-Campers


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  • DSLR-Magazine

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Jonas Hafner

Jonas is a medical doctor from Hamburg, Germany.

In his spare time he loves to travel and is a devoted photographer who enjoys taking pictures of people and landscapes. Among his clients were companies like Huawei, Sony, Nikon, Skylum and EyeEm. His work got featured in both print and online media.


  • Commended photographyer Sony World Photography Awards

  • EyeEm Awards 2018 Finalist (Creative)

aufzehengehen.de (20-60 visitors per day)

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  • Skylum Software

  • EyeEm

  • Ahoi Bullis

  • Huawei

  • Sony

  • Nikon

  • Leica

  • Zeiss

  • Sigma


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  • @instagramde

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More than 300k followers enjoying our content worldwide.


We are three photographers who will explore northern Norway in August 2019.

If you are interested in supporting our journey, in exchange for social media promotion and quality content. just let us know and we will get back to you immediately.

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