Mapify Meetup - Mallorca by Marina Weishaupt


As you may know I’m super glad to be part of the Mapify Ambassadors. Or how we call it: The Mapifamily. The startup grew fast during the last year so we were super happy that we all (at least nearly) finally had the time to get together. For this we skipped the cold autumn which arrived in Germany and found ourselves back in summer.


So after a kind welcome in Palma we drove further east into the middle of the island where our two lovely fincas and the other crew members were awaiting us. Although there were still some people missing we tried our best to fit us all into two tiny cars and Tobi led the way to one of his favorite spots in the southern part of the island where we wanted to witness the sunset.


Well, we didn’t make it in time due to some…coordination problems haha. And although Tobi and Magnus were driving like crazy the sun already was hiding behind the horizon as we reached the cliffs after a short walk through the country side. Nevertheless, look how beautiful blue hour was:

In the evening the obligatory icebreaker game took place and as we talked about our favorite places we already visited, the question where to go for sunrise came up. As it’s not easy to manage to make 20 people happy, we decided to split the group and while some stayed in bed a bit longer in the next morning, me and the others had to wake up way before dawn to reach our destination in time.



Cap Formentor

39°57'41.2"N 3°12'44.3"E

While most of the other tourists probably were still asleep we already headed towards the most northeastern point, Cap Formenter and it’s pretty little lighthouse - located 300m above sea level. As if the curvy roads through the forest and it’s beautiful fauna weren’t lovely enough, the moon greeted us as we finally made it to the top of a little mountain. Which actually wasn't that easy because of the crazy rock formations underneath our feet.

Slowly the sun was rising but sadly a true golden hour didn’t happen due to the clouds in the far distance. After seeking in some vitamin d we continued to explore more of the region.

On our way back through the beautiful green forest we not just met some little mountain goats but also a lot of kittens - the real Highlight of the day. Gladly they all looked really healthy.

The cliffs of Mirador Es Colomer are pretty rough and it was so relaxing to watch the waves crashing in.

Coll dels Reis

The ride up to this places was a longer one but worth it all. The sunset we witnessed above this winding road was one of the most colorful I’ve ever seen in my life and we all were in awe.


Close to our fincas we spotted this little monastery called “Santuari de Bonany” on top of a hill. Some of us decided to spend the last sunrise of our short trip on top of it. As you can see waking up that early was worth it and we were able to see a beautiful panorama.

Shortly after that the weekend already came to an end and we had to say goodbye and leave Mallorca and summer again.

Thanks a lot to the whole mapify crew for making this weekend possible.

See the whole trip on here!

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