The first warm days / Salzkammergut by Marina Weishaupt



…during the first days of spring

The Salzkammergut region in Austria is well known for its huge amount of beautiful lakes and mountain views. Due to the fact that it’s a four hours long drive from Flo’s and my hometown we spontaneously decided to re-visit the region during the long weekend - this time together with two new friends: Laura and Marley, her dog.


Day 1

Towards the mountains…

You’re probably used to this sight and yeah, it’s Lake Eibsee in Germany, not Austria at all. As it is located just along the route we decided to start our trip here, just in time for sunrise. Also the lake got super famous through social media, so we weren’t the only ones enjoying the first rays of light here. But if you know the right places you even find some silent and less crowded places along the shore of the lake with its lovely coves.


As you may know this lake is by far my favorite place to visit close to the Alps and surprisingly I’m never disappointed, it is simply beyond beauty in every weather situation, in every season. Luckily and as you see there were no clouds blocking the sun and as the first light touched the landscape everything around us was lighten up and shimmering golden.

As you see, Marley enjoyed it to the fullest. Sticks and stones as far as he could see, fresh water to drink and three funny humans, trying to get his attention: Life as a adventure dog combined.

Our next spot finally was in Austria: The lakes near Gosau - which we couldn't really see because of the masses of snow while we were visiting the region in January. This time we were lucky with sun rays but sadly the water level was really low, why we just hang around the first lake. As it was a bit too early for sunset and we also had some cravings for fries, we stopped by the mountain inn which is right at the lake. Flo and Laura decided to dip their fries into their hot chocolate which wasn’t the grossest thing I saw that day but definitely close to it. After that sunset wasn’t too exciting but nevertheless a great ending of the first day.


Day 2

In the heart of Austria…

Around 5 o’clock our alarm rang off and the first short night spent in the car together with two other people and a dog who isn’t that much smaller than I am was over and shortly after we were on our way towards Lake Grundlsee. The same called village lies just along the lakeside and those 1200 inhabitants living there must be super happy to see some beautiful mountains everyday.

This spot also was the perfect location to witness sunrise. We were surprised how pretty it was and that we were the only people there, even though it was on a Saturday. The lake’s shore mostly is under strict nature conservation. You can relax along the 14km long natural beach, rent boats or walk around the lake. And this is where we spent hours, just sitting in the sun.


Of course we went for this roadtrip to experience everything about the beautiful Salzkammergut region. Between the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we enjoyed some cooking sessions such as here right at the lake.


Also I really have to share that I was quite surprised about all the clean (!) picnic places and the free (!) toilets everywhere. No problems in finding toilets makes every roadtrip so much easier.


As our whole day was sunny and clear, we also enjoyed the warmest light as we finally made it to the top of the little view tower you can see here and is called Tressensteinwarte.

The hike wasn’t the easiest as we couldn't follow the trail sometimes due to the snow fields in the forest. Gladly we arrived just in time for the warm golden light and the view above the mountains, Lake Grundlsee and Lake Altausee was gorgeous.


Sun went down and we put on our headlights. But as far as we made it back to our car, we saw a light shining through the forest. Suddenly we got reminded about the Easter ritual which took place on many different spots. The whole area around the little village we left our car at was illuminated in bright red and orange colors which looked quite pretty and got me really inspired to try out something new. You can see the whole series about here.


Day 3

No, we not only came here to chill and eat…

Look what a beautiful view the next morning had to offer! With nothing in our tummies we started our day and drove to our next location right after waking up.


A few pictures above you saw Lake Altausee from above; now we explored it together with the close village Fischerndorf. As we went there before dawn the whole village still was asleep and silent, while it still was freezing cold. We kept ourselves warm while walking around and finally found this pier. If you want to get a real experience of the typical aspects of the Salzkammergut region; Lake Altausee and Fischerndorf have it all: boat houses, clear water and mountain views.


Waking up that early after a sleepless night full of noises (of two humans and a dog) is challenging and exhausting. So we planned to do nothing except eating and playing card games in the sun (half of us in the shadow because it was quite hot!).


In the evening we started our hike up to the peak Kleiner Schönberg (lit. “tiny beautiful-mountain”) in the early evening as we thought it wouldn't take too long. But it was steep, over rocks and roots and the last part was really sketchy. Yet it was worth all the effort as soon as we saw the breathtaking view over Lake Traunsee and also the unique rock formations which we really didn't expect.


Right after we saw the last bits of sun rays we start making it back down to the parking lot. Or better hiking in slow-motion because it was super dark even though we wore our headlights again. After seeing some illuminated eyes (of a fox I hope so), our journey already came to an end.

And wow, writing this two weeks later I know can say that we were super lucky for sure. Today it snowed there again. In May.

See all the spots on mapify.

winter in august by Marina Weishaupt

Piz Fess, Switzerland (2800m) - 26.08.2018

After my holidays in Italy my buddy Flo asked me, if I want to join him, Fabio, Steffen and Jon to hike up a mountain somewhere in Switzerland. We’d camp up there and it’d be cold, he said. Well. It was freezing and although I had some thick gloves with me I couldn’t feel one of my finger tips after this weekend. But in the end, all the wet clothes, the frozen shoes, the cold fingers and the fear were all worth it for witnessing the most impressing sunrise.

The first stop was the Berschner waterfall were it began to rain and no doubt, I had some issues in believing that we would be going on a four hours long hike the next day. After that we spent the night near the Rheinschlucht, were we sadly didn’t had any luck with sunrise - nevertheless the views there are quite impressive. So we continued our trip to collect Jon at the train station and finally went to our starting point.

1200 meters in height ahead of us.
We saw nothing at all as the five of us started this hike through fog and rain. The top of Piz Fess was covered in thick clouds when the temperatures went down to -2 and the rain became small snowflakes which slowly covered the rough landscape around us with a thin white layer. The next morning offered us those beautiful sceneries.

Steffen     being super busy.

Steffen being super busy.

Jon         finally reaching the top.

Jon finally reaching the top.

Fabio     overlooking the valley filled with clouds and fog.

Fabio overlooking the valley filled with clouds and fog.

Flo     pretending to be a real alpinist.

Flo pretending to be a real alpinist.

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